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Astronaut / Vestibular Therapy
Astronaut/Vestibular Training uses sound, movement and eye exercises to help children to improve the integration of their Auditory (sound), Vestibular (movement and position) and Visual systems.
These three systems work together in your child's body and perform many important tasks.

Boards and Options
Our Astronaut/Vestibular Boards are designed to be used in conjunction with the Astronaut Training program developed by Mary Kawar & Sheila Frick.
This tool was developed to be strong, quiet and comfortable.
We have several options available with the board coming with padding and the option to place a large multipurpose board to increase the surface area for larger patients.


Astronaut / Vestibular Boards
The standard size of our boards is 750mm x 500mm (75cm x 50cm).
They are made from high-quality Birch Ply. An option is to purchase the board with Soft Foam Padding covered with High Quality Marine Upholstery for patient comfort and easy wipe down and clean.

Astronaut Training Book and CD
Accompanying our Astronaut product offerings we have available the book and CD authored by renowned, Mary J. Kawar, MS, OTR, and Sheila M. Frick, OTR. 
This book and CD provide you and your clinic the foundation to provide Astronaut Training or Vestibular-Visual Training to your patients.


Extra Large Option
We have available a Multipurpose Therapy Board which can be used to increase the size of the surface by laying the board over the standard Astronaut Board. 
This will increase the size to 1200mm x 640mm (120cm x 64cm).

Buy Astronaut Boards and Accessories
You can purchase a range of Astronaut Boards and Accessories... visit our online store

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